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Address : 2420 17th Street Denver, CO 80202

Phone : +1 832-931-1111

RailEyes turns boring black handrails into an eye-catching experience. They sell, print, and apply full color designs onto a film customized for escalator handrails.

Escalator handrail advertising has been popular abroad for many years and RailEyes is bringing it to a convention center, sporting arena, or shopping mall near you.

The RailEyes film is specifically designed with an adhesive which allows for easy, non-damaging installation and removal. We recommend that the film be removed – and, if appropriate, reinstalled – after 30 days of usage.

The RailEyes film has antimicrobial properties which significantly reduce the risk of the spread of bacteria relative to a standard handrail. In addition, the printed film has been demonstrated to increase the safety of escalator riders by drawing the eyes and hands to the design of the film itself, thus reducing the risk of harming oneself.

Pricing depends on the project specifics – such as escalator length, accessibility, contractual obligations with the escalator owner, etc.

Pricing is in line with other physical advertising media.

If you’re interested to learn more, please call RailEyes or visit their website for a quote.

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