Rose de Nuit

Rose de Nuit and Sphinx Hair bridge the gap between manufacturer, retailer and end customer, successfully providing fashionable, sexy and high quality products at a great price.

Having earned a reputation for providing exceptional customer service and high quality products, they are very proud of their established group of professionals who utilize their skills to ensure quality and achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

Their hair extensions are so exceptional because they have innovative hair designers who design every product in house so every piece is unique and gorgeous, just like their clients. Their extensions are made out of 100% human and Remy hair, the highest quality hair which shines and lasts longer than processed alternatives. The shiny, smoothness will last through multiple washings and look just as natural and beautiful as their clients’ real hair. Rose de Nuit is proud to offer the widest range of colors possible, offering over 30 different colors so every client can find her perfect match!

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