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Address : 2105 West Spring Creek Parkway, Plano, Texas 75023

Phone : +1 9728417259

Sailing Medical Seminars is a web site set up for sailors who will be going offshore or explorers to remote places. The service was set up by Dr. Steve Rakkar M.D. to help sailors cope with medical emergencies when no medical help is nearby. It is meant to be an emergency service by sailors for sailors in need but can be used by other travelers. It does not replace professional medical care and it is only for help in the wilderness/offshore setting. Dr. Rakkar guides attendees in the management of emergency situations in a practical way. Dr. Rakkar is based in Dallas, Texas and conducts the seminars in Dallas. Supplies are sold in a medical bag and medications are given as a courtesy at no charge (medications are not being prescribed or filled).

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