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Address : 163 Parkhouse St, Dallas, TX 75207, USA

Phone : 1 214-236-1369

Shariff CPA Firm, P.C. provides professional services to clients throughout the Dallas area.

Be confident in trusting us with accounting, tax, and financial advising needs.

Shariff CPA Firm offers strategic tax planning and preparation, comprehensive accounting services, budgeting and forecasting, incorporation assistance, financial statement preparation and much more. We work with companies on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis to reconcile their bank accounts, generate financial statements, clean up the general ledger, and handle applicable sales and use taxes.

Shariff CPA Firm provides full-service record keeping for our clients and serve as their “accounting department.” Shariff CPA Firm has prepared tens of thousands of business and individual tax returns over the years and have seen it all when it comes to tax returns. Shariff CPA Firm helps businesses and individuals take advantage of deductions and credits by utilizing our experience in the field. Shariff CPA Firm has spent over 25 years representing our clients in front of the IRS and Texas State Comptroller of Public Accounts helping them resolve extremely tricky situations. Shariff CPA Firm stands by their clients and help them in the most difficult circumstances. They know business owners are busy, so they offer various services to help small businesses grow and boost revenues and profits. Shariff CPA Firm provides payroll services, entity formation services, due diligence services, business consulting services for purchasing or selling a business or real estate, and a host of other valuable services.

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