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Over the past 6 months, GFE has experienced gradual web traffic increases to their grassroots brand
2018 increases of organic keyword at 19.13% growth and organic traffic at 16.67% growth.
Over 40 5- star reviews on Google
Over 30 5 star Yelp reviews
5 Star Facebook Reviews
A+ Rating on the Better Business Bureau (BBB)
Positive reviews and testimonials such as the following:


Good Faith Energy (GFE)  is a Dallas-based residential and commercial solar photo-voltaic (PV) installer. The company also offers services such as smart home application, electric vehicle charger, and energy storage installations. The company is a social enterprise fostering renewable energy development inspired by climate action & social impact. GFE was formed in 2014 and as experienced exponential revenue growth thanks to digital marketing strategies.

Challenge Faces

In 2014, Good Faith Energy was a startup solar company with very little overhead. The company had a website that consisted of conceptualization pages, lack lacked a true structure or site map. The company received press due to the advocacy of president Mohammed Abdalla, yet had a site that had missing landing pages and could not provide general information on the company’s operations. GFE was losing potential sales from 2014-2016 due to a lack of website, online presence, and promotional campaigns.


TriForce Digital Marketing implemented a content marketing strategy to optimize organic search results on Google and Bing. Fundamental blog posts were published based on research into industry keywords and the analysis of competitors. As a result Good Faith Energy began to rank first on Google in many searches related to local solar companies. Over 40% of sequential business leads would end up coming from Google.

Simultaneously, the company’s website was moved to TriForce Web Hosting to be able to withstand new page updates, plugin enhancements, and visual upgrades. The company was able to create a sitemap that displayed the company’s project portfolio, direct calls to action, and a solar calculator. Adword campaigns led directly to a boosted referral program & optimized sales funnel that captured client information for regular email campaigns and digital promotions.

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