Medico M.D. Medical and Dental - Case Study

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2018 increases of organic keyword at 20.28% growth and organic traffic at 466.28% growth.
11 5-Star Facebook Reviews
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Positive reviews and testimonials such as above
Digital management of 16 locations.


Medico M.D. is a one-stop shop for dental, medical and wellness needs. The company manages 16 locations in regions that include Dallas, Fort Worth and San Antonio, TX. Medico M.D. serves patients from all ages: adults, children, and elderly adults. The company leverages the latest medical research and cutting-edge technology to offer the most comprehensive primary care available.

Challenge Faces:

Medico M.D. was having difficulty managing the reputation of their 16 locations in one place. Their website needed a makeover to help streamline their multitude of services offered across Texas. They wanted to focus on inbound marketing to maximize their reach across regions.


TriForce Web Hosting consolidated Medico’s website onto an easy to manage WordPress platform. This platform optimized efforts to market to 16 unique locations. Doing so helped boost the online traffic for Medico M.D. while helped the company target more specific geographic audiences. As a result, this year their web traffic has been blowing up, with a direct focus on web design and conversion best practices. The company added applications such as Zendesk & CallRail to track conversions and maximize online customer service.

5 Star Reviews

Top on Google

466% Organic Traffic Growth

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