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Email Marketing in Dallas

Boost Your Email Marketing Game

Let’s face it, trying to wrangle your email marketing solo or (gasp) not giving it the attention it deserves could be costing you more than just a few raised eyebrows. It’s like leaving money on the table. That’s where we come in. Triforce Digital Marketing is like that friend who’s got your back—except we’re all about boosting your business with smart, effective email marketing.

Strategy And Content Calendar

A strong campaign strategy creates the foundation for achieving your growth and customer engagement objectives. Our experienced team works hand in hand with you to understand your goals and translates them into an actionable strategy that drills down into executable tactics.

Campaign Management

We partner with you to create compelling multi-touchpoint email campaigns that are on brand and have clear calls to action. These solutions have been proven to drive long-term customer loyalty and consistent growth.


Automate email sequences using data to generate revenue and improve customer satisfaction. This also improves efficiency of your business.

Impactful solutions for each stage of the sales funnel

Address your most immediate needs or create end-to-end marketing solutions which will evolve as you grow.


The ability for prospective customers to find you


Your value proposition’s ability to get customers to want to know more


Getting customers to want to work with you verses alternatives


Close the deal


Happy customers stay customers longer and give you referrals and references

Here’s the plain truth:

Most businesses struggle with their email marketing and it’s costing them a fortune.

Whenever you pour valuable time into a campaign that doesn’t work, your business stagnates. Furthermore, the missed opportunities that result from amateur emails seriously impact your brand—not to mention your bottom line. In effect, not hiring a full-service email marketing agency is eating away your profits.

Great email marketing is hard. In fact, what seems like a simple undertaking is quite complex. A successful email marketing campaign requires the right strategy, a broad set of skills, and time to execute. And let’s face it: very few businesses have the resources to make this happen. That’s why hiring a full-service email marketing agency isn’t just smart—it’s imperative.

There is a solution. Email Broadcast is an all-star team of email marketing experts who can completely handle your campaign.

We make your email marketing easy.

Jacob and Naomi Durgan – Owners of Email Broadcast

Email Automation and Email Flows

Many of the things you wish you and your sales team would do with prospective customers and existing customers can be automated. By using the data that you have today, you can gain efficiency and ultimately grow your business. Email Broadcast has helped many customers realize this.

Abandoned Cart

Recover lost revenue left in consumer’s carts.

Abandoned Checkout

Remind customers to complete their purchase.

Back In Stock

Let them know that their favorite product is back.

Birthday or Anniversary Surprise

Show you care and provide them with a birthday gift.

Browse Abandonment

Offer relevant suggestions when users browse your site.

Customer Winback

Re-target customers when their activity has lapsed.

Post-Purchase Thank You

Show your appreciation and cross-sell related products.

Product Review Reminder

Feedback is key to improving your offering.


Suggest additional products a customer might be interested in.

Reminders to Take Action

Help customers get the most out of their purchase.

Replenish Stock

Remind your customers that it may be time to order more.

Upsell Value Added Services

Push products they may like that match the previous purchase.

Welcome Series

Engage your most loyal insiders.

Components of a Full-Service Email Marketing Agency

Typically, a full-service email marketing agency like ours has a team that creates and manages successful email campaigns. Our contributions include a wealth of work:

  • Creating a strategy
  • Handling design
  • Integrating with other systems or website
  • Explaining results
  • Becoming your email marketing department

Notably, Email Broadcast has 20+ years of experience running email campaigns for companies just like yours. Moreover, we have true experts in each position—all at an affordable price.

But That’s Not All…

Furthermore, there are additional services that a full-service email marketing agency can add to your campaign. At Email Broadcast, we often include one or more of the following to maximize campaign results:

  • Landing pages. Often, a high-converting landing page can be a pivotal tool for your marketing plan.
  • Blog posts. Much of our original email messaging makes for excellent blog content.
  • BrandBuilder. We can bring your overall marketing to life by building your brand.
  • Postcards. In conjunction with email, snail mail can be a great combination for a major sales initiative.
  • Retargeting. Advertising to visitors after they leave your website is marketing money well spent.
  • Demographics. Learn the makeup of your digital audience to help with future positioning and messaging.

Add Critical Capabilities To Your Team In a Cost Effective Way

A great email marketing campaign requires deep experience in a broad set of skills to be effective. However, most people don’t have the budget to hire an internal team of employees dedicated to email marketing. To that end, a full-service email marketing agency can increase profits while your team stays streamlined.

Account Coordinator
Copy Editor
Graphic Designer
Operations Specialist
Integration Engineer
Quality Assurance

Why Should You Hire an Agency?

Email Marketing

  • PRO
Performance Tracking
Data Analysis
Monthly Custom Reporting
Strategic Recommendations
Regular List Cleaning and Optimization
Collaborative Tool
A/B testing
4 Monthly Campaigns
8 Monthly Campaigns
12 Monthly Campaigns
SMS Marketing
Learn MoreLearn MoreLearn More
  • PRO
Performance Tracking
Data Analysis
Monthly Custom Reporting
Strategic Recommendations
Regular List Cleaning and Optimization
Collaborative Tool
A/B testing
4 Monthly Campaigns
8 Monthly Campaigns
12 Monthly Campaigns
SMS Marketing
Learn MoreLearn MoreLearn More
  • PRO
Performance Tracking
Data Analysis
Monthly Custom Reporting
Strategic Recommendations
Regular List Cleaning and Optimization
Collaborative Tool
A/B testing
4 Monthly Campaigns
8 Monthly Campaigns
12 Monthly Campaigns
SMS Marketing
Learn MoreLearn MoreLearn More



$ 1297
  • Email Design
  • Project \ System
  • Email Copywriting
  • Migrating Contacts
  • Campaign Calendar
  • Abandoned Checkout Sequence
  • Post-purchase Sequence
  • Welcome Sequence
  • Pop-up Form
  • Data Security Measures
  • Email Marketing Account Audit
  • List Cleaning and Optimization
  • Ecommerce Website Integration
  • Industry & Competitors Research
  • CAN-SPAM, and GDPR Compliance
  • Privacy Policy Adherence


$ 2497
  • Everything in BASIC Plan
  • Fly-out Form
  • Embedded Sign up Form
  • Request Feedback Sequence
  • Happy Birthday Sequence
  • Browse Abandondment Sequence


$ 3297
  • Everything in BASIC & ADVANCED Plan
  • Back in Stock Sequence
  • Referral Program Sequence
  • 1 Year Subscriber Sequence
  • Customer Winback Sequence

Do you know your email
marketing potential?

Get a free audit of your email marketing strategy from one of our specialists.

We’ll review your flows (automations),
campaigns, opt-ins, template design, and KPIs.

Discover key revenue-building opportunities
that could take your email marketing to the
next level.

Why is Email Broadcast one of the best email marketing management agencies?

With so many marketing agencies out there, we have to be better, and this is what makes us unique.

We Offer Transparent Pricing.

We are up-front with our clients about our pricing, so you know exactly what you are getting, how much you’re paying, and plan your budget accordingly.

We’ll Understand You First.

It is your business, your objectives, your customers and you know them best. We are masters in our craft as you are in yours.

We teach all of our team members to listen, ask questions, and digest. This ensures that we give you the best service possible.

We Provide The Copywriting.

We have a team of world class writers and editors who can handle all of the copywriting for you.

We’ll Manage Your Campaign.

One of the most time consuming parts of running a successful email marketing program is managing the campaign. There are many stakeholders, platforms, tasks, and timelines involved.

Our team of account coordinators handles all of this so you can focus on running your business.

We Provide Email Testing.

Our job is to ensure your emails are performing at the best of their abilities. The best way to do this is to continually test and optimize.

We test your email to ensure they look great on all of the different platforms, devices, dark mode, etc to ensure they have the greatest impact when your customers and potential customers open them.

We also continually split test your subject lines to ensure that you are getting the highest open rates.

Well Show You The Data.

We believe in transparency and we will make everything around your campaign transparent. This includes the strategy, content calendar, and analytics. We take this one step further by taking the time to explain it all.

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