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Live Chat Agents & Software

Unlock the Power of Genuine Human Engagement to Boost
Your Online Leads

Transform Your Web Traffic With Real Human Conversations

Don’t Settle for Mediocre Results. Engage Visitors with Authentic Human Interactions

Leave Contact Forms Behind: Amplify Lead Generation With Genuine Human Conversations

Live Chat Agents Capturing Leads Nonstop

Our dedicated team of live chat agents is skilled conversationalists who work tirelessly to engage visitors on your website, capturing leads at all hours of the day and night.

Transform Your Marketing Budget into Positive ROI

Experience an Astounding 3x Boost in Engagement as New Visitors from Marketing Campaigns Amplify Your Ad ROI.

No Chat Limitations, Just Qualified Leads

We sift through the limitless number of chats to ensure that only qualified leads make it to your doorstep, saving you time and resources.

Effortlessly Manage Your Chats: All Chats In One Place

Real Person
Agent Avatar

Take Your Business To Greater Heights

Experience The Conversion Revolution:
Say Hello To Real Human Conversations

Ditch The Forms & Dive Into Real Conversations

Ditch traditional marketing and sales methods reliant on forms and follow-ups. With LiveChatSquad, every real-time conversation on your website becomes a direct lead conversion. Say hello to the power of authentic engagement.

Maximize Traffic. Multiply Leads

Skyrocket your website's conversion rate by 3X with our expertise in real conversations, available. Say goodbye to impersonal contact forms and tap into the power of connecting with customers personally.

Close Deals with Confidence, We Qualify Leads

Let us handle lead qualification while you focus on closing deals. Our meticulous process connects you exclusively with serious buyers, streamlining your sales efforts for maximum efficiency

Real-Time Phone Connection: Bridge the Gap with Your Visitors

When a visitor chats with us, we go beyond just text-based communication. Our innovative feature allows us to seamlessly connect them to your staff's phone line in real time. Imagine the power of direct conversation while they browse and chat.

Connect with Visitors Anytime With Our Text Messaging

Break free from the 1% conversion rate. With our real conversations through text or SMS, we can triple your conversion rate. Embrace the authenticity of human connections. People engage and make purchases with people, not impersonal contact forms!

Facebook Messenger Monitoring

Convert chats into valuable leads around the clock on your Facebook page. Our seamless integration maximizes lead conversion potential for your Ad-driven FB traffic. Experience continuous growth like never before.

Fully White Labeled Chat Solution

Digital agencies can generate recurring cash by integrating our white-labeled Live Chat Solution. Our reseller plans outshine the competition, ensuring guaranteed success for agency partners.

Elevate Your Google My Business with Instant Customer Service

Connect customer chats from Google My Business to your web chat platform, maximizing potential. Deliver lightning-fast, effective support that impresses customers and boosts business success.

How Does It Work?

initiates chat
Live chat widget appears on the website
Start the conversation and provide real-time assistance.
Visitor initiates chat
Live chat widget appears on the website
Start the conversation and provide real-time assistance.

Quick Start

1. Sign Up and Get

Join us today and sign up for our 14-day free trial. Experience the power of live chat for yourself.

2. Add the Chat

Whether you’re a tech pro or a beginner, adding our chat code to your website is a breeze. If you’re not familiar with coding, don’t worry – our team can assist you every step of the way.

3. Go Live and Witness
the Results

Once you’ve added the code, simply approve the script we provide, and you’re ready to go live! Watch as your leads skyrocket and enjoy the benefits of real-time customer engagement. Get ready to experience the transformative impact of live chat on your business.

Experience the benefits of live chat and take your customer support to the next level.

What To Expect From
Our Live Chat Service?

Transform Your Business with Live Chat

Double Your Leads, Double Your Success: Harness The Potential Of Triforce Digital Marketing

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