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Merchant Services

Empowering Payments In Commerce

EpicPay delivers simple, smart solutions, including award-winning integrations and best-in-class support, to streamline business operations and empower payments in your community. Above all, we are transparent and purpose driven. It’s not only an Epic way to run a business, it’s an Epic way to be.

Unified Commerce Payments Platform

Whether payment is made in-store, online or on-the-go via mobile technology, our unified commerce payment platform handles it all. Merchants enjoy full transparency on the back end, and you’ll find smiling, happy customers on the front end. Our real-time, centralized solution means immediate approvals, simple and seamless onboarding, and quick integration.

Accept Payments Anytime, Anywhere

Provide your customers a truly seamless transaction experience as they move across your mobile, online, and in-store environments. EpicPay’s unified commerce payments platform enables you to deliver the modern, fluid, and predictable shopping journey your customers demand. We fully integrate payment systems so customers can shop, purchase, and return across retail channels with ease.