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Digital Marketing Roadmap + Discovery & Solution Presentation Meetings

Digital Marketing Roadmap + Discovery & Solution Presentation Meetings


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What is the Strategy Intensive?

At Triforce Digital Marketing, we firmly believe that there is no “one size fits all” approach to digital marketing. Every business is always a little bit different from the next, even within the same industry, which is why only a highly personalized approach will do.

When you participate in our strategy intensive, we’ll take the time to not only review your current marketing strategy but also discuss in great detail what it is you’re trying to do and why those goals are so important – all of which puts us in the best possible position to help you achieve those objectives and exceed your expectations today, tomorrow and beyond.

The Strategy Intensive is a series of five workshops designed to gather information about your business, your market, and your objectives — all for the purpose of accurately planning a website and digital marketing strategy that will achieve your specific goals. In between each of the workshop sessions our team will be doing research to build on the information we collect, while your team has the opportunity to review the topics discussed.

It’s important that all major stakeholders in your organization are a part of this process.

Here are the topics of the 5 workshop sessions:

  1. Your business and your customer
  2. Your market landscape and position
  3. Strategies and tactics
  4. Solutions presentation and growth plan
  5. Creative services proposal

Why the Strategy Intensive?

The primary purpose of the Strategy Intensive is to make sure your marketing plan will serve the goals of your organization, be it lead generation, increased lead quality, increased customer engagement, lower cost per acquisition, email signups, or creating efficiencies that save you time in the sales and marketing process. We want your entire investment in your marketing to be well utilized, and for you to see a return on investment.

This process addresses the three key problems that hinder most business marketing plans:

  • A lack of research into how your prospects find for your services and reach the decision to make a purchase – this leads to websites with limited exposure within their target market
  • A lack of insight into the key drivers which convert prospects into customers – this is the benchmark of digital marketing plans which return a low ROI on time and capita
  • A lack of understanding into how your company truly differentiates itself from your competitors – this is characterized by digital marketing plans which mirror that of competitors and (at best) blend in with your competition

The Strategy Intensive puts all of the information we need right in front of us so choosing the appropriate strategies and tactics become clear, and we can begin to set and achieve goals for your digital marketing.

What do I get out of the Strategy Intensive?

Although much of the value comes from the journey itself, at the end of the strategy intensive we present you with a three month marketing plan and detailed proposal designed specifically for reaching your business goals.

Each business is unique, and the strategy intensive will take us different places, but you can be sure we’ll work through some or all of these:

  • SEO Keyword Research
  • SEO Onsite Optimization Plan
  • Market Infrastructure Research
  • Competitor Research
  • Paid Ads Campaign Plan
  • Email Marketing Strategy
  • LinkedIn Marketing Strategy
  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • Lean Canvas Marketing Plan
  • 3-month Action Plan
  • Creative Services Proposal
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